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Many investors and businesses fail to realize their full potential in M&A, growth, and transformation situations. This is mostly due to similar reasons: Heterogeneous IT systems and data structures that make fast and profound business decisions difficult, ESG (environmental, social, governance) factors that are perceived as threats instead of being proactively addressed and turned into opportunities, and insufficient transformational leadership that limits employee motivation and therefore resilience and value creation of the company. These problems need to be addressed at the root instead of fighting their symptoms.

We support investors and businesses with an interdisciplinary approach to achieve sustainable success in M&A, growth, and transformation situations. For this purpose, we uniquely combine different disciplines from finance & accounting, sustainability, data science as well as the coaching area into an integrated and modular consulting approach. In this way, we quickly create hard facts for business decisions, but always focus on people. We also always bring in our own best practices: We are 100% carbon neutral and live social commitment, diversity, sustainable corporate governance, and entrepreneurial thinking.


We act on climate change and commit ourselves to work 100% carbon neutral, source from sustainable suppliers, and decrease material consumption to a minimum. This includes reducing business travels and promoting remote work, creating and maintaining paperless and fully digitalized processes, critically reviewing our suppliers, and neutralizing remaining emissions with credible offsets.


We promote diversity and inclusion and are convinced that each and everybody should have equal chances. We committed ourselves by having signed the Charta der Vielfalt, building a diverse team, engaging in voluntary projects, and donating a specific percentage of our company profit and salaries for social projects every year since our foundation. We acknowledge our social responsibility by not working with business partners, who do not share similar social values.


We focus on employee-centered work and leadership and consider the balance of all interests. We are strong advocates of flat hierarchies, work purpose, fair and transparent compensation on all levels, and a further development of our business by the consideration of the ideas of every team member. We dissociate ourselves from anti-competitive practices and do not tolerate any form of bribery, corruption, and fraud.

What people say about us

In restructuring projects, Dr. Sascha Haggenmüller combines his expertise in finance with extensive experience in operational implementation with the help of Program Management Offices (PMO). I greatly appreciate both the useful exchange and the pragmatic cooperation in the context of restructuring-related questions. I look forward to further joint projects as well as his support at our annual International Symposium Restructuring at the Institute for Corporate Restructuring in Kufstein.

Prof. Dr. Markus Exler, M&A and Restructuring Consultant and Director of Institute of Corporate Restructuring Kufstein

The collaboration with Dr. Sascha Haggenmüller in the context of numerous practice-oriented workshops, training courses and coaching sessions as well as his supervision of final thesis and doctoral dissertations has enriched Munich Business School in all areas for years. His hands-on mentality, technical expertise and interpersonal skills are evidenced by exclusively positive feedback from our stakeholders. We are looking forward to further cooperation and joint development of our products.

Prof. Dr. Michael Rüdiger, Program Director MBA, Munich Business School

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Our Team

Dr. Sascha Haggenmüller
Dr. Sascha HaggenmüllerCo-Founder
Since Sascha began his professional career in a leading management consulting firm in 2012, he has been supporting and leading various projects helping clients to create value in M&A, growth, and transformation situations as well as during complex finance and accounting problems. He strongly believes that financial and operational data transparency and people empowerment are the major keys for investors and businesses to make profound decisions and to unlock their full potential. Besides his consulting experience, he has been facilitating numerous seminars and coaching sessions and is a lecturer at two universities. At Radial, Sascha’s guiding principle is to enable fact-based decisions, but act humanly and sustainably.
  • Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

  • Master of Arts (M.A.)

  • Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

  • Certified Business Coach

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Wolf-Heinrich Werling
Wolf-Heinrich WerlingCo-Founder
Prior to founding Radial, Wolf has been leading diverse and multinational teams for almost ten years in Big-4 audit and management consulting firms in Germany and the United States, guiding clients through complex accounting and transactional matters. He is convinced that actively listening and flawless communication between all stakeholders is key. Wolf complements his financial expertise with hands-on mentality, tech affinity, and a solution-oriented mindset to deliver exceptional results for clients. At Radial, he follows the vision to create a sustainable place where clients and employees come together to redefine consulting.
  • German Certified Auditor (resting since 2022)
  • Master of Science (M.Sc.)
  • Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.)
  • International Experience
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About Radial

Our Mission

We empower investors and businesses in M&A, growth, and transformation situations to create their sustainable future.

Our Vision

Radial is the most sought-after professional services firm and a place where people are inspired and motivated, share common values, and feel free to reach their full potential for themselves and our clients.

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