Our Offering

You struggle with heterogenous financial data and a traditionally operating finance function making profound and fast business decisions almost impossible. You as a CFO neither have capacities nor a properly skilled and self-directed team limiting resilience and value creation of the company.

Radial helps you to address these problems at their root instead of fighting symptoms:

We uniquely combine expertise in Finance, Data Analytics, as well as the People Training & Coaching area. With our “hands-on” approach, we support you to create hard facts for business decisions and ensure continuous enablement and implementation capability within your organization by always focusing on the empowerment of your team.


We are your experts for budgeting and forecasting, controlling, and internal and external reporting.

We provide extensive expertise in external accounting (German HGB, IFRS, and US GAAP) underpinned by German and US CPA exams.

With our experience, we can also review your finance function from an organizational and governance perspective.


We help you create a single source of truth despite heterogenous data structures and IT systems without the need for new software​.

We help you to clean, analyze, and visualize transactional financial data within your existing IT environment and enable for ESG.

We enable you to quickly plan, control, and report and therefore make fact-based business decisions.


With our expertise in people training & coaching, we ensure you in-depth change management considering methods from personality development and personality type models.

With Radial Academy, we are able to teach your team from a technical, data analysis, and personal perspective as needed.

As part of our partnership, we openly share our approaches and best practices with you.

Transaction Services

Financial Due Diligence

We are your trustworthy partner to gather, screen and analyze all relevant information from a financial perspective and support you in determining normalized earnings, net working capital targets and net financial debt positions, prior and during SPA negotiations.

Vendor Assistance & Due Diligence

We are your trustworthy partner to gather, screen and analyze all relevant information from a financial perspective, prepare a Financial Fact Book or carry out a Vendor Due Diligence to approach potential investors. We can also operationally support you to implement the changes required to eliminate relevant weaknesses before an anticiapted transaction.

Exit Preparation

We proactively work with you as your partner to enhance value, avoid surprises, and increase credibility for your financials during an (potential) exit, prepare a Data Book as pre-requisite for an institutionalized Fact Book/VDD, and help you hands-on answering questions from the buy-side due diligence provider to speed up the process and reduce your workload.

Company Valuation

We actively reduce information asymmetries by performing an independent company valuation according to IDW S1 or valuating your company as trusted advisor, setting a profound basis for negotiations.

Value Creation Services

Accounting Professionalization

We support you hands-on to bring your accounting function up to speed regarding statutory and regulatory compliance as well as reporting purposes, the implementation of IFRS or US GAAP conversions, and the empowerment of your team to automate transactional workflows as well as to gain an understanding of the technologies and resources to implement them.

Controlling & Reporting Implementation

We pragmatically support you in all aspects of controlling and financial reporting automation by eliminating all manual tasks that are not required, visualize data with business intelligence solutions, and teach your team on how to make use of the new insights to ensure continuous implementation capability.

Profitability Improvement

We support you in deriving the relevant fact-based insights and performance improvement levers after cleansing, consolidating, and visualizing data, help you to define organizational and cost levers, and ensure their sustainable implementation by installing and supporting a strong PMO.

ESG Enablement

We enable you to develop and implement your ESG strategy by supporting you to define your ambition level, assess which regulatory requirements are relevant for you, conduct your materiality assessment, and train the key stakeholders.

ESG Controlling Implementation

We support you to implement automated and data-driven processes to ensure data collection, analysis, and reporting and to ensure that you comply with ESG reporting requirements and derive ESG measures for value creation of your company.

Our Credentials

As an entrepreneur, you should appreciate any partner who understands you from the first explanation and delivers what they promise. This is why we have come to appreciate Radial.
Oliver Kenk, CFO @ Pointsharp

The compleet group is a merger of five companies in the HR-Tech sector with the goal to make workforce management and employee recruitment more efficient for our customers by using innovative technology. This was exactly the goal I experienced with Radial’s consulting approach. Through the intelligent use of technology and tooling by Radial, the project goal was achieved much more efficiently, and the use of internal and external resources was optimized for us as customers. This made project work fun for both sides. Thank you.

Elmar Weber, CFO @ compleet Group

Working with the Radial team has been a great and much appreciated support for our portfolio company, its management team, and us as investor. The project team was very supportive, pragmatic, and responsive at all times.

Anja Böhme, Investment Director @ Halder

As part of the sale of the key Group to Constellation Academy Group, Radial acted as our exclusive financial advisor. From the preparation of the business plan and the investor presentation, to the support in due diligence and valuation-related issues, to the assistance in the SPA negotiations, the Radial team distinguished itself through excellent technical expertise, absolute reliability, and a very high level of personal commitment. I can recommend the Radial team without hesitation.

Philipp A. Scholze, Founder & Managing Director @ the key – Unternehmensgruppe & the key – academy

We are very pleased with the financial work that Radial completed within one of our portfolio companies. Radial gave us a head start at the beginning of our holding period with respect to financial transparency & KPI based steering.

Felix Hasenmaier, Investment Manager @ Emeram

With Radial, we were able to make great progress in a very short time, which we would not have achieved on our own. In addition, Radial showed us further potential for optimization. We are looking forward to future projects.

Marc Rohde, Head of Finance @ Conen Group

The Human Med Group is extremely satisfied with the result achieved. With the automated Reporting & Controlling in Power BI, we save approximately 5 – 7 working days per month.

Enrico Neubauer, Head of Finance & Operations @ Human Med Group

In Radial, we have found a reliable and trustworthy partner to support us in the digitization of our portfolio companies. The Radial team is characterized by comprehensive technical expertise, a pragmatic approach to the implementation of data analytics solutions and a first-class interpersonal approach as well as proactive communication. We look forward to our continued collaboration!

Philipp Väth, Investment Manager @ Premium Equity

Radial understood exactly our pain points and set up the project in a way to focus on them and work on them together with us.

Florian Kollmeier, Finance Operations Manager @ QuantumCapital Partners
Learning Lions is a digital training program for young adults in rural Kenya to become digital creatives and live a life full of opportunity. We are very happy and thankful that with Radial we found a competent and dedicated partner to design our new financial literacy course as part of our Mobile LEAP curriculum at ICT Training Campus in Lodwar (Kenya). This course will help the young adults to manage their personal finances, as well as profoundly administering their own future business supporting our impact to increase income and the employment rate amongst our graduates.
Prinz Ludwig von Bayern, CEO and Co-Founder of Learning Lions

The Radial team is characterized by a highly proactive “hands on” approach, underpinned by expert knowledge in Finance and Data Analytics. At the same time, the team manages to strike just the right tone on an interpersonal level and always communicates excellently with all stakeholders in our portfolio companies. We are looking forward to further cooperation with Radial.

Florian Halama, Principal @ Riverside

Our Team

Amelie Schultz
Amelie Schultz
Office Managerin
Christoph Ring
Christoph Ring
Managing Director | ESG Lead
Janik Dombek
Janik Dombek
Consultant | Financial Data Modeling Expert
Jannik Fasching
Jannik Fasching
Junior Consultant | Data Analytics Specialist
Korbinian Salvenmoser
Korbinian Salvenmoser
Consultant | Financial Modeling Expert
Magdalena von Grotthuss
Magdalena von Grotthuss
Senior Consultant | Data Value Expert
Pericles Poetis
Pericles Poetis
Manager | Enterprise Value Architect
Dr. Sascha Haggenmüller
Dr. Sascha Haggenmüller
Co-Founder | Managing Director
Wolf-Heinrich Werling
Wolf-Heinrich Werling
Co-Founder | Managing Director
German CPA (Wirtschaftsprüfer)

ESG Reporting

In a transformative era, businesses confront challenges like environmental degradation, social disparities, and resource scarcity, prompting a strategic pivot towards sustainability. This shift moves focus from short-term profits to a broader commitment to environmental and societal well-being through sustainable practices.

Radial pledges to set a new standard in the consulting sector by championing environmental, social, and governance (ESG) monitoring and disclosure.

Facts and figures on the subject of sustainability für the financial year 2023 can be found in the Radial Sustainability Report 2023.

About Radial

Our Mission

We partner with our clients to empower them to make fact-based decisions to reach their goals in a more and more complex world.

Our Vision

Radial is a place where people are inspired and motivated, share common values, and feel free to reach their full potential for themselves and our clients.